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We offer you a variety of effective commercial drain care products that help keep all your drains in good condition. From drain and grease trap treatment to lift station grease dissolver, we have everything to keep your drains clean.


Consider RootX® for your storm drains because it kills roots in your sewer and drainage lines and will prevent them from regrowing. If you aren't comfortable applying RootX® yourself, have a Roto-Rooter professional come to you annually.


Remember it's important to not use any products in your storm drains that can cause harm to the environment and wildlife because your drains surrounding your building direct rainwater and runoff into nearby lakes and rivers.


Since polluted water is one of the main sources of environmental harm, do your best to keep debris away from your drains.


We offer $30 OFF on your sewer and drain cleaning. Call us today to make your appointment: 888-337-7686 (888-EDS-ROTO).


Is your business located in an area that gets storms and heavy precipitation? During those heavy rains, your storm drain is your greatest ally. When your plumbing fixtures are broken, count on Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup of Delmarva. We'll take care of flooding, property damage and sewage backups that burden your business.


Many commercial drain services are offered by Roto-Rooter. Our plumbing and drain experts will tackle any problem. Whether it's ongoing or an emergency, we're available whenever you need us.  You'll receive same-day service for simple maintenance, sewer and drain cleaning, and septic service and repair.

Efficient water jetting cleanup services

The most effective way to clean your storm drains and remove debris is high-pressure water jetting. Water jetting is an environmentally sound procedure, and your drains will be cleaned like new with our state-of-the-art equipment that emits highly concentrated streams of water.


Our high-tech technology water jetting system is capable of breaking up everything from sludge and debris to even tree and plant roots. Your business will benefit from having our plumbing professionals clean your pipes with water jetting a couple of times a year. Contact Roto-Rooter to set up a jetting service schedule that meets your company's needs.

Fast response emergency flooding assistance

If water begins to back up in the storm drains around your office building during a heavy storm, call our experienced team immediately. We provide same-day emergency service. We'll arrive at your business with state-of-the-art equipment, and do everything we can to clear the blockage and keep flooding to a minimum.

Professional commercial sewer drain cleaning

Blockage can build up quickly in your commercial sewer lines due to a large building and excess of people using it. If your storm drains are backing up due to blockages in your sewer line, let our certified plumbing technicians fix that issue for you as well. Your sewer line can get blocked up by grease buildup, mineral deposits, surrounding tree roots and much more.


We'll get the lines cleared quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with us for your commercial plumbing today!


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