Sewer Line Video Inspection


Certain pipelines exceed the operational capacity of conventional pushrod-style video cameras, necessitating a more advanced solution. At Roto-Rooter, we address this challenge with our cutting-edge Crawler Camera system.

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Pipeline Cleaning

Our array of pipe cleaning equipment spans the entire spectrum of pipe diameters. With a collection of top-notch specialty attachments recognized as the best in the industry, we possess the capability to effectively eliminate any obstruction or material from your pipes.

Pipeline Video Inspection

Safeguard the integrity of your pipelines through a thorough video inspection conducted by Roto-Rooter. Precisely identifying the location of structural defects within your pipelines serves to mitigate property damage during excavation for necessary repairs.


Specialty Sewer Line / Crawler Camera Video Inspection

Digital record of inspection

In the application of video inspection to assess sewer lines, we capture visual data that can be compiled into a DVD or digital format for your reference. This not only grants you the opportunity to personally observe the identified issues but also facilitates our provision of a precise and complimentary repair estimate. In addition to retaining a DVD record of the inspection, you will be furnished with a comprehensive report outlining potential problems, their respective severity levels, and exact locations.

Excavation and repair

As a comprehensive sewer and drain cleaning specialist, we offer a complete range of services, including excavation and necessary repairs, ensuring the prompt restoration of your sewer or drains if an issue is identified. In the event of a problem, we may propose a cost-effective preventive maintenance program to ensure the continuous functionality of your line. For more substantial issues, such as those requiring extensive repairs or replacements, our team is equipped to efficiently excavate and address the situation.


Why Choose Sewer Line / Crawler Camera Video Inspection?

The process of crawler camera video inspection entails deploying a remote-controlled tractor fitted with a camera into your sewer or drain line. This camera-equipped tractor is skillfully maneuvered throughout the system by one of our technicians, who operates it remotely from our cutting-edge video inspection unit.

Equipped with a transmitter, the camera sends signals to a locator positioned above ground. This sophisticated technology enables us not only to trace the trajectory of the line but also to precisely identify the location and depth of any problematic areas encountered during the inspection.

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